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Which Is Better – Building Or Buying An AR – 15

You need to understand that the AR-15 was like the M16; both rifles did not get the best introduction into becoming the weapon of choice for the military during the 1960’s. During wars those days, the AR-15 was never the weapon of choice for the marines and soldiers because they did not think it was a reliable rifle.

With time, effort and technology, the men were able to consistently improve the AR-15. Today, with all its upgrades, the AR-15 is now a reliable weapon that both soldiers and marines put their lives on. The AR-15 is now recognized to be on par with the M16A2/A3 and the M4. The AR-15 is an accurate firearm and because of that, a lot of people has it as a weapon of choice. These firearm enthusiasts and home defenders chooses the AR-15 as a weapon for protection and they have plenty of reason why.

Most of the people using firearms love having a very customizable gun and the AR-15 is just that kind of firearm. Any firearm user would want a AR-15 because of how it can be customized to fit their needs. A lot of sport shooters choose the AR-15 as their weapon of choice. Arguably the AR-15 is the best rifle to use for having fun with targets or for competitions. The AR-15 is one of the most accurate rifles you can use today.

The basic shooting training for any army is going to be using rifles and shooting them on targets three hundred meters away with just an iron sight to use. If you have a good instructor and an AR-15 with you, targets in that distance will be a lot easier to fire with an iron sight even if you have yet to carry your first gun. In a few weeks of training with an AR-15 you will be able to learn a lot about handling a gun and shooting it.

There is one important thing that you can do with the AR-15 that you cannot do with the M16 and the M4 and that is customizing the firearm. You can customize your own AR-15 with custom AR-15 accessories. There are people who pick to buy their AR-15 while others pick to build their own. You can own a rifle that will fit you perfectly; that feeling when you cheek meets the stock perfectly. It will be a lot easier for you to peer through your sights. After you install every AR-15 accessory you have for your firearm, you can finally get firing.

If you are hesitating to build because you can buy your own AR-15, try to think about it. There are advantages to buying an AR-15 but there are also disadvantages to it,

There is no doubt that buying an AR-15 will mean you will receive an amazing rifle. But when you build your own Ar-15 with complete accessories, it will be a lot better than the one you bought.

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