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Qualities of a Good Document Management System

 Many organizations have seen the need to automate their document management by going paperless due to the increased creation and processing of documents on a daily basis. A company that decides to channel its efforts in investing in electronic document management does not have any reason to go for something average. Such companies should only select outstanding document management software that rhymes well with the company’s requirements. The following are essential features to consider when choosing the ideal document management software.

Management of Both Paper-Based and Electronic Documents

A significant number of people have always had this notion that document management systems only help you conduct paper-based document conversion into electronic formats. While this is true, the system does more than document digitization. It helps in file indexing for the scanned documents allowing easier searchability. Additionally, it is crucial in the creation and management of records in electronic formats which can be done within the application.

What’s more? You can print, fax, and email the documents while still operating within the application environment. Furthermore, you spend less on setting up the software. Collectively, purchasing, installation and software management attracts low costs. This is not only concerning cash but also time and workforce required to get the system up and running.

Easy to Learn and Operate

A perfect DMS is developed to allow your staff to quickly grasp the interface and basic features within a short learning period. This trait helps boost productivity within the working hours. Sometimes, the individual mandated with purchasing the software may not use the application. When employees find the software easy to use, there would be a minimal gap for errors and unnecessary delays in completing assigned tasks.

The Software Is Scalable

Your company or department may be employing only a few employees for now. However, with time, the business may experience unprecedented growth which in turn calls for more staffing. Your document management system must be able to function optimally with an increase in the number of users. The only thing you require to be done is to create more users within the application and assign them the needed roles. On the contrary, if you had hired temporary staff for a given project, then you can easily remove or deactivate such users from the system at the end of the contract. Scalability ensures that you can depend on the software whether you need to increase the number of application users or cut down from the total.

Maintenance and Subscription Program

The best document management system that fits the organization’s needs has proper maintenance and subscription programs offered by the vendors. A good vendor should always provide free technical support and software upgrades that range anywhere from six to a whole year since the purchase date. Vendors who offer free initial support and guarantees prove that they are confident in their product. They should also have adequate support staff highly trained with troubleshooting skills and customer care. Companies like, for instance, have such qualities, focused on dedicated customer support and care.

These are some of the qualities you should look for when in need of a document management system. You now have an in-depth overview of what you need to look out for. Finally, good software should feature integrated tool-set for scanning, searching, securing, indexing, auditing, and workflow.

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