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The Importance of Franking Machines

Using franking machines can ease out the process of sending out a large amount of mail. This machine accurately calculates the postage each time you send out mail. Using a franking machine is a lot more convenient than buying stamps since with a machine you only need to purchase postage online 24/7, instead of falling in line at the post office for hours.

Today, franked mail is given increased discounts by the Royal Mail. The reasons for this is that franked mail is easier and cheaper to handle compared to processing regular mail manually and issuing stamps. Discounts have been increased for the purpose of encouraging customers to purchase and use franking machines. The great discounts gives great saving to businesses who sends mail by the bulk.

You will have an image of professionalism to your partners and customer if you have franked mail. This is because your logo or a promotional text or tag line can be added to your mail envelope with the use of a franking machine. You have a free platform for advertising with you frank your mail. New tariffs, services and offers from your company can be published through promotional text.

If you don’t know the weight of your mail, you sometimes end up overpaying and wasting money in the process. But with a franking machine, it has a built in scale that accurately and correctly determines your postage costs without having to over pay. If you understamp your mail, it will cause inconveniences. The sender is usually charged for an undrstamped mail. Today, however, it is the recipient who has to pay for the balance and an additional handling fee if the mail is understamped. The use of a franking machine will not let this inconvenience and embarrassment happen.

When stamps run out when we need them most, it can cause distress and aggravation. This will never happen if you use a franking machine. If you want your outgoing mail to be processed easily, then a franking machine can easily do the job for you.

Franking machines are also beneficial during tax season. IT generate accurate reports on your costs of postage and offer a chance for the company to claim its full expenses from the tax man. Your company can also benefit since the machine keeps records of postage costs across different company departments which can allow you to come up with measures to control cost.

Franking machines can be used by both small and large businesses. Its benefits would include savings on postage costs, convenience and savings on time.

So if your business sends bulk mail to your customers and contacts on a monthly basis, you can enjoy many benefits if you use a franking machine for postage.
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